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INFOS     (4th Autumn School · Bad Schandau · September 30 - October 5, 2012)

About the Autumn School

The Autumn School "Current Concepts in Immunology (CCII)" will be a journey through the immune system for beginners (master, diploma, 1st year PhD and MD doctoral students) with lectures and short presentations from an internationally recognized faculty, student presentations and interactive discussion.

Applications are accepted primarily from students (master, diploma, 1st year PhD and MD doctoral students)working in laboratories in Germany. Moe adavanced students are refrred to the Ettal Spring School of Immunology. However, some spaces will be reserved for students working in a lab outside of Germany. We will also consider a limited number of applications from those that work in companies or hold a doctoral degree but must refresh their immunological background.

The Autumn School is part of the newly founded Academy of Immunology within the German Society of Immunology (DGfI) and, together with the Ettal Spring School of Immunology and the Schwielow School of Translational Immunology, constitutes the current educational resources of the DGfI.

For more information about the German Society of Immunology please visit the DGfI homepage.


You will find instructions to apply for admission to the Autumn School here

Confirmation will be sent by e-mail upon receipt of your application. At this point, you do not have to pay the registration fee.

Deadline: July 8, 2012


Registration fee includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and the room for the entire time of the School. Number of single rooms is limited.

Registration Fees:

Students including Doktoranden (double room):       600 €/person
Postdocs and Others (Academia) - double room:     750 €/person
Postdocs and Others (Industry)- single room:         1000 €/person

After the applicants have been informed about the acceptance to the School (about 2-3 weeks after the application deadline), they must officially register and pay the entire registration fee by bank transfer.

You will find the online registration page here


Hans-Martin Jäck (Erlangen)
Jürgen Wienands (Göttingen)
Sandra Beer-Hammer (Tübingen)
Ria Baumgrass (Berlin)
Hermann Wagner (München)
Jochen Kalden (Erlangen)

Contact and Organizing Secretary

For additional information, please do not hesitate to contact our organizing secretary:

Elisabeth Lang
Division of Molecular Immunology
Glückstr. 6
D-91054 Erlangen

Phone:  +49 9131-85 35913
Fax:      +49 9131-85 39343


Bank transfer info will be posted on the registration page » go to registration page:

After receipt of payment we will confirm your final registration by e-mail. Payments can
only be reimbursed if cancellation has been received by September 5, 2012.


All downloads are available as PDF files:




Please feel free to advertise our Immunology Autumn School amoung your colleagues.


You will find current information e.g., about important changes of the program in the update section.

Bad Schandau

Located south-east of Dresden, Bad Schandau was established in the 14th century as Sandaue. The name was changed under slawic influence to Schandau.

Today Bad Schandau offers a good infrastructure, many touristic highlights, sightseeing and exclusive wellness places.

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